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Folkdisco in August 2014


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Return To La Place Gordaine

Return To La Place GordaineReturn to La Place Gordaine, for week 2 of Le Saturday night Folkdisco Experience de La France. Playing at a few different of cafes, Le Guillotin, Bar L'European, Sarl Au Senat, La Pignatta, before taking the show to the centre of the... See More
Bourges, France · Sat 2nd August 2014 · 18:00

Playing At Matt's 50th Birthday Party

Playing At Matt's 50th Birthday PartyPlaying at Matt's 50th birthday party. Just been singing Come On Baby Light My Cake! Great afternoon and evening entertaining all the party goers, with a bagfull of covers. It's a Fleetwood Matt theme, so both Matt and I have a joyous lunge at 'Go Your Own Way'! :-)
The Hope Pub, Wandsworth Common, London · Sat 4th January 2014 · 12:34

Happy New Year!

Happy New Year!A Very Happy New Year To You And All Your Babies! Big kisses! xxxxxxxxx
London, England · Tue 31st December 2013 · 18:57

Brimham Rocks On A Bitterly Cold Dampish Day In...

Brimham Rocks on a bitterly cold dampish day in December. There's absolutely no-one else here. Now either I'm mad or everybody else is mad. I've given this some thought, and clearly it's everybody else. ;-)
Brimham Rocks, North Yorkshire, England · Thu 19th December 2013 · 9:51

Meet You At The Cemetery Gates

A dreaded sunny day, And I meet you at the cemetery gates, Keats and Yeats are on your side, But you lose, 'Cause weird lover Wilde is on mine... We're at Pere Lachaise, hanging out with Oscar and Jim. :-)
Pere Lachaise Cemetery, Paris, France · Sun 8th December 2013 · 9:59

Once An Hour

Once an hour, on the hour, the Tour Eiffel lights up and glistens like diamonds for a few minutes. This is a good thing. :-) xx
Eiffel Tower, Paris, France · Sat 7th December 2013 · 15:28

Le Baker Street

Walking down Rue Des Boulangers in Paris, singing Baker Street to ourselves. :-)
Rue Des Boulangers, Paris, France · Fri 6th December 2013 · 18:13

I'll Be Out Strumming In Cambridge Tonight

I'll Be Out Strumming In Cambridge TonightI'll be out strumming in Cambridge tonight. Fetch your dancing shoes and a wooly scarf! :-)
Cambridge, England · Sat 30th November 2013 · 17:54

I Know He's Only A Dog, And Not Even A Real Dog

I know he's only a dog, and not even a real dog. But I love Brian Griffin, and am in shocked mourning.
London, England · Tue 26th November 2013 · 22:05

Unborn Pixies

Great gig. My unborn babies were moshing to the Pixies. :-)
Apollo, Hammersmith, London · Mon 25th November 2013 · 18:59