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Pyracket The Kitten, Mouse Eating GoddessTimmy and Kerry have got a mouse problem. A big mouse problem. As a solution, they've got Pyracket the kitten. Now she's tiny, black, cute as pie, and she's really good at curling up on your lap and purring a lot. But in the three weeks she's been here, she's caught one solitary mouse. Not good. Seems she's a lap cat, not a mouse eating farm cat. So anyway it's late in the evening, everyone's gone to bed except Pyracket and me, and there's a rustling in the corner. So I reckon a little training is in order. I put her in the corner, she spots the mouse, get's all excited, but doesn't make her pounce count. Nil - Nil. I slowly move more stuff out of the way, and after a few more missed open goals, she finally makes one stick, up on the corner shelf, and jumps down with her new two inch long little toy. Now I know I should be feeling sorry for Jerry here, but I just don't. There's too many of them, they're getting way too confident, even with people about, and they've gotta go. She plays with her new friend for an hour, then heads back to see if she can find any more. As the night goes by, she slowly gets better at catching mice, and it slowly dawns on me that she's actually eating the things whole! There's some loud crunching noises under the table, and all I can see is a long thin tail disappearing down Pyracket's throat. Nice! Every time mice come looking for food, I fetch her, pick her up so she can see the walking snacks, pop her on the worktop and she does the rest. Whenever she's got a mouse in her mouth and you get too close, she lets out this deep rumbling growl, like you're gonna steal it off her. This is really cute for reasons I haven't yet figured out. Anyway, by the end of the night she's gotten a whole load better at hunting, and she's had at least ten snacks. After 24 hours, it must be at least 25. The next day, the mice are going a bit wierd. They're standing around on the shelves looking confused, like kitten fodder, and there's a loud squealing sound coming up from under the floorboards. Dunno why, don't think they know quite what's hit them. Pyracket's belly feels pretty full, and she's sleeping it off for now, but I don't think she's so keen on whiskas anymore. Think she likes her dinner to walk and squeek a bit. Anyway, we've hung out hunting mice together, and I now *LOVE* this kitten to bits. Seems she's a qualified mouser now, she's still cute factor ten, and she's curled up on my lap, purring away to herself.
Pyracket The Kitten, Mouse Eating Goddess
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