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News: Go West Young Man!

Go West Young Man!In Devon for a 10 days. You'll probably be seeing or hearing me around the place. Watch this space. Currently watching an old Spitfire and Hurricane go very fast over the masts of thousands of yachts in Dartmouth harbour. :-)
Shaldon, Devon · Sat 30th August 2014 · 20:00

Blog: Return To La Place Gordaine

Return To La Place GordaineReturn to La Place Gordaine, for week 2 of Le Saturday night Folkdisco Experience de La France. Playing at a few different of cafes, Le Guillotin, Bar L'European, Sarl Au Senat, La Pignatta, before taking the show to the centre of the... See More
Bourges, France · Sat 2nd August 2014 · 18:00
Facebook: 8 Months, 1 Week, X2
8 months, 1 week, x2. Sonny's first little white tooth. :-D 20:49 Mon 20th October 2014