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News: Babies!

Babies! We now have two little Folkdiscos! Quite small, very fond of milk, great fun and very time consuming. But not really had so much time for getting out or playing music. Check back, because I will try to get out and play somewhere, sometime, soon.
London, England  · Fri 4th April 2014 · 7:00

Blog: Playing At Matt's 50th Birthday Party

Playing At Matt's 50th Birthday PartyPlaying at Matt's 50th birthday party. Just been singing Come On Baby Light My Cake! Great afternoon and evening entertaining all the party goers, with a bagfull of covers. It's a Fleetwood Matt theme, so both Matt and I have a joyous lunge at 'Go Your Own Way'! :-)
The Hope Pub, Wandsworth Common, London · Sat 4th January 2014 · 12:34
Facebook: Toilet Training For A 14 Day Old Baby: 1
Toilet training for a 14 day old baby: 1.Take off clean, dry nappy. 2.Express shock/surprise etc! 3.Remove sleep suit/nappy to safe distance. 4.Drape paper towels over baby's crotch area. 5.Using cotton pad, drizzle water over baby's todger. 6.Catch *Manneken Pis* event in paper towels. 7.Soak up wee, dispose of towels. 8.Move baby to clean area. 9.Wash baby's skin. 10.Dry baby with cotton wool. 11.Re-place nappy/sleep suit. 12.Clean escaped wee off changing mat, walls, your hair etc. DONE! :-) 2:38 Thu 27th February 2014